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The Technopark “The Self-Financing Creative Center of the Ufa Aviation Institute” (“SFCC UAI”)

is an organisational and financing structure which includes scientific and investigation as well as experimental and industrial subdivisions specializing on implementation into production authentic and high technologies and products.



       The Technopark “SFCC UAI” is registered on the basis of Order N47 of the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Innovation Policy of the Republic of Bashkortostan dated 24/04/2009 (Innovation Infrastructure Subject Registry Certificate N3 from 24/04/2009).

The Management Company  of  The Technopark “SFCC UAI” is “The Self-Financing Creative Center of the Ufa Aviation Institute”, LTD.

The subject of the Technopark activity is a comprehensive solution of the problems of accelerated introducing the results of scientific investigations into production and up to the consumer on commercial basis.

       The Technopark staff includes 177 workers, among them there are 4 Masters of Technical Sciences and 6 Ph.D. The volume of production and services in 2013 showed the 42% increase compared with the previous year. It is also growing steadily in 2014. Over 700 enterprises in Russia and Near Abroad  are regular consumers of production and services used in the technological processes in mechanical engineering, metallurgy, building and piping transport.

       The main activities of the Technopark are development, production and selling of process lubricants and lubricant-coolants of “Rosoil” series (including the oil and water-mixed coolants, preservative oil and protective materials, rope lubricants, quenching liquids, additives, oil for industrial equipment, node friction lubricants as well as special environment for metals). The company has extensive experience in the selection or development of lubricant analogues and coolants of both domestic and foreign production. In the relevant sections of the site one can find tables containing analogues of lubricants and coolants produced by the SFCC UAI and developed for  import substitution.

       The Technopark “SFCC UAI” owns over 10000 square meters of administrative, production and laboratory space well equipped for the production of small-scale chemistry products. There are also machine park and laboratory equipment. The Technopark “SFCC UAI” owns  motor park and 20 units of high-performance compressor and gas-separation equipment. The area of the owned land plots is 52000 sq. m.

       The Technopark production is certified to the international quality system ISO-9001. The laboratories are accredited on technical competence according to requirements of accreditation system for analytical laboratories, State Standard of Russia.

The teachers and students of  the Ufa State Aviation Technical University, the Ufa State Oil Technical University and the Bashkirian State University are engaged in the Technopark scientific and research activities. The employees of  the Technopark take part in teaching at the Ufa State Aviation Technical University.

       The training of graduate students and doctoral candidates is carried out. According to the results of works performed by the Technopark there were defended 5 candidate and 1 doctoral  thesis on the field of “Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering”, “Processing of Metals by Pressure” and “Friction and Wear in Machines”.




The Technopark Self-Financing Creative Center of the Ufa Aviation Institute

450000, Republic of Bashkortostan, Ufa-city, K. Marx str., 12, building 5, office 218, tel./fax +7(347)272-47-88, 273-67-22

Services: commercial 273-94-26; scientific and technical 273-61-66; production 274-38-89; accountancy 273-95-02; e-mail:

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     MOSCOW: tel.: +7(495) 777-52-80, 777-52-84 (fax);                  EKATERINBURG: tel.: +7(343) 374-19-42;

     NIZHNY NOVGOROD: tel.: +7(831) 277-38-77;                           CHELYABINSK: tel.: +7(351) 267-45-31, 267-45-30 (fax);

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